Roots & Routes Series

This series examines the places I feel rooted in and the places I have routed through. My movements through England, Japan, Scotland, Australia and Canada are captured in these amalgamated yet fragmented landscapes, composed of my real and imagined memories. The figures in the paintings journey through these landscapes; their micro journeys reflect the macro migration paths taken by myself and my family.


Hybrid Landscape Series

Each painting features figures floating or journeying through landscapes composed of inky mountains and patterned surfaces. These paintings recall, appropriate and combine artistic traditions from Japan, Australia and Scotland. Simultaneously, they recall origami paper, aboriginal dot art, Japanese inkwash landscapes, Celtic knotwork, ancient tempera murals, family photo albums, Highlandism, and hanging scrolls.



Portraits that express a sense of cultural or national identity through the themes of food, family and the home.


Film Still Lino Prints

Begun as a means of research, specifically the study of film stills as compositional references, these lino prints have become an ongoing series and artworks in their own right.